Who needs blue light blocking glasses?
Does your job require you to be on a computer or laptop most of the day?  Are you frequently on your phone checking social media and surfing the web?  Do you like to unwind at night by catching up on your favorite TV shows?  If you said YES to any of those questions, then these blue light block glasses will help you immensely. 


Will the glasses fit my face?

Most definitely! Our glasses feature gender-neutral, classic design and the quality material is used to ensure they will sit comfortably on any face. 

They are one size and you can find the exact measurements in product description.

Are they prescription glasses?

No, you don't need a prescription and our glasses won't correct your eyesight. They keep your eyes safe and well rested which certainly helps maintain healthy eye vision. 

Can I wear them all day?

Yes, our glasses are perfectly safe to wear all day.